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PennREN Network Operations Center

PennREN is the Pennsylvania statewide Research, Education, and Community Network owned and operated by The Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research (KINBER). PennREN is KINBER's first initiative funded in part by a $99.6 million grant from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and has delivered a statewide platform for connecting members and participants through facilities based fiber-optic networking. Institutions across Pennsylvania can utilize PennREN’s services for advancing their initiatives while KINBER provider and service partners can offer open access for expanding broadband access across the commonwealth. PennREN currently lights over 1,800 miles of fiber on a middle-mile network that connects over 90 locations.


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PennREN Outages

PennREN Maintenances

  • Maintenance - PennREN Backbones BKNL-CAMP, BKNL-PAJA, BKNL-PCOT, and BKNL-PCOT2 - Change ticket created to track alarms and correspondence related to a Crown Castle maintenance on segment P
  • Maintenance - PennREN Backbones KUTZ-PSSL, LCCC-RACC, and PSLV-PSSL - Ticket opened to track a cable relocate maintenance on segment B
  • Maintenance - PennREN Co-location NBRD - Change opened to track alarms and activity related to a maintenance at 401 North Broad Street
  • Maintenance - PennREN Backbones PSDS-STMA and CLAR-STMA - Ticket created to track alarms and activity related to fiber maintenance on segments J & Q
  • Maintenance - PennREN Backbone ECHC-FRNK - Subject: Scheduled DSB-3 Maintenance at the CH1 IBX [5-203525901374] Date: Thu, 7 Jan 2021 04:03:29 +0000 (UTC) From: Equinix Maintenance NO-REPLY Reply-To: Equinix Maintenance NO-REPLY Organization: Equinix, Inc To: Equinix Maintenance Meet Equinix Dear Equinix Customer, *DATE:* 12-FEB-2021 - 13-FEB-2021 *SPAN: 12-FEB-2021 - 13-FEB-2021* *LOCAL:* FRIDAY, 12 FEB 22:00 - SATURDAY, 13 FEB 06:00 *UTC:* SATURDAY, 13 FEB 04:00 - SATURDAY, 13 FEB 12:00 *IBX:* CH1 *DESCRIPTION:* Equinix engineering staff and the electrical vendor will be performing maintenance on the DSB switchboard to support DSB switchboard expansion. Customer loads will be transferred to an alternate protected source and redundancy will be reduced during this maintenance. The equipment being maintained supports your circuits indicated in the table. Account# Cage # Cabinet # Serial # Circuit Type 4292 000630 0105 20521162 Primary Equinix engineers will work to ensure the maintenance does not impact your operations. This activity is fully scripted and may include the use of equipment system vendors and service providers. During this period, all services (Smart Hands, installations, work visits, etc.) will continue in accordance with our normal procedures. The EOC is available to provide up-to-date status information or additional details, should you have any questions regarding the maintenance. Please reference 5-203525901374. Sincerely, Equinix Operations Center Contacts: To place orders, schedule site access, report trouble or manage your user list online, please visit: Please do not reply to this email address. If you have any questions or concerns regarding this notification, please email Service Desk and include the ticket [5-203525901374] in the subject line. If the matter is urgent, you may contact the Service Desk North America by phone at +1.866.EQUINIX (378.4649) (USA or Canada) or +1.408.451.5200 (outside USA or Canada) for an up-to-date status. To unsubscribe from notifications, please log in to the Equinix Customer Portal and change your preferences. Equinix How are we doing? Tell Equinix - We're Listening. <#><#> E Q U I N I X | One Lagoon Drive, 4th Floor, Redwood City, CA 94065 | © 2021 Equinix, Inc. All rights reserved.| Legal | Privacy
  • Maintenance - PennREN Backbones LHUC-PSDS, LHUC-PSUP, PATT-PSUP, PATT-WIND, and Core PSDS-PSUP - Ticket opened to track correspondence and activity related to a PennREN internal request to establish access and a maintenance window for Crown Castle to return fiber pairs for PSDS-PSUP to their original path

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