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PennREN Network Operations Center

PennREN is the Pennsylvania statewide Research, Education, and Community Network owned and operated by The Keystone Initiative for Network Based Education and Research (KINBER). PennREN is KINBER's first initiative funded in part by a $99.6 million grant from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration and has delivered a statewide platform for connecting members and participants through facilities based fiber-optic networking. Institutions across Pennsylvania can utilize PennREN’s services for advancing their initiatives while KINBER provider and service partners can offer open access for expanding broadband access across the commonwealth. PennREN currently lights over 1,800 miles of fiber on a middle-mile network that connects over 90 locations.



PennREN Maintenances

  • Maintenance - PennREN Node (Code Upgrade) - The node at University of Pittsburgh Main Campus will be unavailable while PennREN Engineers perform maintenance to upgrade the code on the device. All connectivity to the node will be interrupted for up to 15 minutes while the software package is applied and the device reloads. Dual homed connections and services are expected to reroute. The entire window is reserved.
  • Maintenance - PennREN Vendor Comcast - Customer WARE Center will be unavailable while Comcast Engineers perform circuit maintenance. An outage of up to one hour is expected; however, the entire window is reserved. Multi-homed traffic will reroute.

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